WELCOME to the World of Russian Martial Art

Central Florida Systema is the first school in Orlando to offer this unique training in Systema, the Russian Martial Arts taught to the special forces known as Spetznas. Now in our 9th year, CFL Systema invites you to explore this training!

Unlike other arts, movements are spontaneous and based on natural flow. If you are new to martial arts, you will thoroughly enjoy the challenge of learning how to move in an ideal fashion. If you are experienced in martial arts, you will appreciate the freedom from memorized and rehearsed techniques.

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Systema is one of the most creative, powerful and effective martial arts on the planet. This was originally taught to Russian special forces known as Spetznas.  It is characterized by free-flowing, relaxed movement without anything pre-planned.

No stances. No katas. It is pure training and movement. You take away the pressure and expense of constant belt or kyu rank testing and replace it with enjoyable, meaningful learning.

It is combat and street tested. This is the self-protection aspect.

​You have the opportunity to develop great insights and become a better version of yourself. This is the self-development aspect that is often talked about but rarely applied in martial arts.

​Come train with us:

MONDAY nights, 7pm-8:30pm

Jessie Brock Center, 310 N. Dillard St., Winter Garden, FL 


Kick & Punch Defense

Learn how to defend against any type of kick or punch in a powerful, creative way.

Multiple Attackers

Defend yourself against 2, 3 or more attackers using Systema's "Big 4" principles

Clothing as a Weapon

Unique to Systema, learn to use common items and articles of clothing as weapons.

Stick and Knife Work

Defend yourself against common weapons as well as learn to use them offensively.

Training in Systema has helped me significantly. I always loved martial arts but fear paralyzed me and I was not able to get involved in regular training for many years. Sytema has helped me to overcome fears in my life as a whole; I had been able to use my additional confidence in my work and personal life. I also find that it does not matter what situation I am going through in my life and how stressed I can be; attending Monday classes relaxes me and I always come home relaxed and ready to deal with those stressful situations.

Carlos Alvarado, Student


Dealing With Anger

Some people simply cannot deal with their anger. Or more precisely, the way they attempt to deal with it borders on self-destruction. . . Read More. Read More

Best Non Martial Arts Books For Martial Artists

​You undoubtedly have copies of the Book of 5 Rings and Art of War. It goes with saying that Strikes and Let Ever Breathe is in the mix too.  Read More

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Internal Power Classes Now Available!

Unique to Central Florida Systema school, we also offer an advanced class designed to cultivate internal strength and power. It combines Systema and Natural Medicine breathing patterns, Bagua, Tai Chi and Qi Gong fascia and tendon training in a unique way. End result is increased endurance, power and strength.