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Birth of the Dragon Review

By cflsystemabagua

I went to see “Birth of the Dragon.” It was a little “risky” as the reviews were rather harsh. After seeing the movie, in my opinion, it was one of the very best I have ever seen.

The story is about the famous fight between a young Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man. Most martial artists are aware of this famous fight, one shrouded in mystery. The mysteries involve the winner, the number of witnesses, overall purpose of other details.

The movie (director) does a great job of building the story and the suspense. It is not exactly a stretch to say portions are undoubtedly exaggerated or invented but overall, it is excellent.

A caveat here: Bruce Lee die-hard fans will probably hate it. Throughout most of the film, he is not exactly portrayed in the best light. He is seen as an enormously talented but immature fighter. It is only after the great fight with Wong did he take a quantum leap forward.

Again, I thought it was excellent. The messages were powerful and applicable to all who saw or will see the film. The fight choreography was entertaining and creative.

Even for us Systema loyalists, it is worth the viewing.

Dealing With Anger

By cflsystemabagua

Some people simply cannot deal with their anger. Or more precisely, the way they attempt to deal with it borders on self-destruction.

Talk to them and you feel you need a shield. Read their (anti-) social media posts and your eyes start to burn. It sad and very unfortunate that they are willing to throw away the one finite thing – time –  to feel this way.

The sequence goes like this: They are angry about an external event, collect “evidence” to support their anger, fabricate stories which “will certainly happen,”  gather friends to stoke the fire and proceed to make it as bad as possible. In the process, they take away the things that they love to do as a last stand. In other words, “If I punish myself enough, things will get better.” Of course, this never happens.

There is an antidote to all of this.

Happiness and training.

Happiness is found inside each of us and is our natural state. It cannot be harmed by outside events without our consent. Some may not be enamored by world events, neighborhood events or things happening in their home but when you recognize that you are the Systema Warrior, you know that the outside cannot dictate feeling.

This is one of the great benefits of training in Systema. We learn to focus on what we are experiencing and not what our partner is doing. We cannot control the actions of our partner so why get bent out of shape about it. If we take care of ourselves, it matters not what our partner is doing. We will always have the answer for it.

If we can take this identical principle and apply it to all aspects of our lives, that anger would transform into the Dragon of Creativity. Anger is a by-product of liver energy. When directed in one way, it creates depression, frustration and yes, anger. When directed in another way, it serves as the fuel for Creativity. The Dragon is allowed to fly and we begin to experience waves of brilliant ideas, unique thoughts, potential projects and businesses. The Artist in us come to the surface and we express this energy in the form of painting, writing, music, teaching, shodo and best of all, movements in Systema.

If things on the outside are going your way, you are fine. If they are not, you are not fine. This is how children respond but as adults, we certainly have the greater capacity to do much better. We slip at times for sure but if we trust our (Systema) training and continue to just show up, we find greater skills come to the forefront. With greater skills comes greater results until we finally recognize that we have the ultimate gift anyone could receive – we are alive.

By recognizing we already have the greatest gift that can be received, the events of the outside world become significantly less important. The ultimate irony is that when we take this approach, the outside events have a way of dramatically improving in the process.

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