Specialized Self Defense

Interested in a Self Defense class. I would be most happy to set one up.

The way I teach is based on concepts versus having to memorize things that most people forget under pressure. It is done in a fun yet purposeful fashion. My nature is informal so if anyone wishes specific scenarios, I will set them up. Questions are always open and the environment is always friendly.

Typical topics include:

  • Learning to go to the back and experience awareness. (Side benefit is this is a great way to learn meditation,)

  • Practical prevention – common places based upon statistics, types of attacks and how to defend.

  • Switching mindset; You are not a defender, you are Attacker #2.

  • How to use acupuncture points for both healing and for protection.

  • Why Forward, Down and Heavy are THE keys.

  • Q&A.

Price would be dependent upon the numberof participants and is negotiable. I also can work one-on-one and/or a regular group session. For example, 45-60 minutes class, once a week.