How To Take Your Training To A New Level

By cflsystemabagua

If I asked a group, “How can you improve your skills?” a list of common answers would ensue.

  • Train more
  • Take more seminars
  • Train more
  • Work harder
  • Find a new and/or different teacher
  • Get a couple of training partners
  • Train more
  • Study some videos
  • Train more

There are a probably a handful of other equally useful tips, all of which have value to one degree or another. Most surround the topic of “more training” which at the end of the day, really is the best suggestion of all.

Best for sure. Add one more to the list.

Want to improve your skills – add pressure.

Systema may be largely about relaxation and minimization of and precise use of effort. Truth. Yet learning of any sorts can accelerate when pressure is added.

Case in point.

This Saturday, Peter Carbone Sensei will be one of the teachers at the Okinawan/Russian Martial Arts seminar in Winter Garden, FL. He is an off-the-charts master. A “top 1-percenter” in the world of martial arts. People from around the globe come to train with him. He goes to Okinawa to teach Okinawans THEIR weapons. Yes. .¬†. . that good.

Want to take a guess who the other instructor is?!

It is an honor to be included as the co-presenter. In fact, it is one of the biggest honors I have experienced in my now 34th year in martial arts. And a hell of a lot of pressure. At the top of the list is the pressure to perform on par with the master.

As such, I have undertaken a massive amount of preparation and training to be as ready as possible for this special occasion. In the process, my skill level has taken a nice leap forward on that Eternal Road of Training.

There is another aspect to this. Some who has more experience, talent, skills and history than yours truly is treating me like an equal. As such, I find myself, albeit uncomfortably, acting like one. Not in an egotistical fashion but as a teacher who is responsible for the safety of all attendees. As someone who has a burning desire to share a wealth of information from this incredible art that most people have not heard of. Most of all, to help each person find within themselves “the master” – the great part of them that exits beyond the self-imposed,¬†self-limiting beliefs. In other words, I want to do for them what Carbone Sensei is doing for me.

Want to take the proverbial “quantum leap” with your training? And life? Find a near-impossible situation and throw yourself, dead smack in the middle of it, without any safety net.

I do not know how the seminar will go. What I do know is that many favorable things have come from this – overcoming fear, practicing courage, learning to prepare thoroughly and oh yes, getting a little better at the art that I love.

One more step along the path.



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David is the founder and Chief Instructor at Central Florida Systema, Greater Orlando's only school for this Russian art. He also holds 4 black belts in other arts. David also run and He has lectured to Congress, taught at major colleges and universities and has treated 1000s of patients over his career as an Acupuncture Physician. In his private life, he is also a marathoner and is learning the Russian language.

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