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Blessings for Being Like the Guys at Central FL Systema School.
In the decade-plus that I have been teaching at my martial arts school, I have been interrupted by my wife Lisa a grand total of once.
Yesterday, when the phone rang in the middle of class, I knew it was something that needed attention.
Turned out she had 2 flat tires. Annoying, irritating but not serious by any mean. Nevertheless, the issue needed to be dealt as one would imagine. I stopped class, let everyone know the situation and that I would return ASAP.
In union, like a choir, every single person in class offered their assistance. Had I asked that we carry the car back to my home, I have no doubt that they would have done so.
This may sound old-fashion or odd, but I have never been so proud to be associated with a group of individuals in my entire life. The thoughtfulness, compassion, and willingness to extend oneself was incredibly kind and honorable.
To Carlos, Chris, Chris, Vasily, Mario, and Jason, you have my deepest gratitude.
As an aside, this was not the first time that individuals have offered assistance in times of (varying degrees of) need.
As is the case with everything, things change and people come and go. Our class sizes have gone down and up and everywhere in between. It is without a doubt that I say this: This is the best group of individuals I have ever been associated with and THE best group we have ever had at Central FL Systema. You consistently add honor to our school and your lives.
Some might say, “But it was just a flat tire. . . ” The truth is when people are that willing to help with the small, they will be there for larger issues. Trust does not have limitations.
To every one of you, you have my thanks and appreciation.
My natural tendencies point toward introversion. Being a part of a group – particularly this group – has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. I have learned a great deal and it has meant more to me than what it may appear or that I can express in words. Much more.
One big lesson – risk going outside the comfort zone and be a part of something that is bigger than self. It can become a deep, surprising source of fun, joy, happiness, learning, and support.
They may even fix a flat tire or 2.
May we be blessed with the thoughtfulness and willingness to assist others, just like the martial arts students at Central Florida Systema school.

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David is the founder and Chief Instructor at Central Florida Systema, Greater Orlando's only school for this Russian art. He also holds 4 black belts in other arts. David also run DocWellnessWorld.com and HghPlus.net. He has lectured to Congress, taught at major colleges and universities and has treated 1000s of patients over his career as an Acupuncture Physician. In his private life, he is also a marathoner and is learning the Russian language.

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