My Life Changed By Doing This

I have always had odd timing, to say the least. When I learn something, there is the anticipation of using it either immediately or within a relatively short period of time. Not the case here. I seem to learn something, wait months or years if not decades, and then apply it with passion and gusto….

Memorial Day Training

Next Monday is Memorial Day, one to remember those who gave their lives in service of our country. To those who have crossed over we honor you. To those who are currently serving, we appreciate you. To all, we wish you much safety. The Jessie Brock Center will be closed on that day. However, we…

Quitting? What to do next.

Anyone who has ever run a school has had their ups and downs. People come and go and for the most part, it is not terribly predictable. Sometimes, the one who you think will stay for years goes by the wayside after 2 weeks and the one who you think will say for 10 minutes…

Martin Wheeler Master Class

Expectations are an interesting concept. The Buddhists for example, suggest we avoid them and thus avoid the feeling of disappointment. I do not live this way. My natural inclination is to use expectations to create or to prepare. For the past several months, a group of us on Saturdays prepared for Martin Wheeler’s Master Class….