Classes are $55 per month ($45 for residents of Winter Garden) or $15 per class.

We make it affordable for everyone.

We also have a variety of free and paid seminars. In addition, opportunities to travel and train both in state and out are also common.

  • What is your class schedule for adults?

We train on Mondays at 7pm until 8:30 in Winter Garden.  Special seminars, physical training classes and other bonus classes are held on a regular basis too.

There are many benefits to being a CFL Systema member.

  • What is the focus of the art you teach?

It is 2-fold:

One is on self-defense and relaxed movement, and the second is on personal growth and development via the martial arts. We value respect for others as much as the ability to defend against a kick. People matter and everyone that is part of our circle, we treat as part of the whole, regardless of skill level, age or sex.

  • Why should I train with you and not elsewhere?

We are the only Systema school in Orlando approved by Systema co-founder Vladimir Vasiliev and  senior Instructors, David and Rick Merrell. If you are looking for Systema, we are “Orlando’s Systema School!”

David Orman is a Certified Full Instructor, the first in the area. He has been training in martial arts since 1985 and holds 4 black belt ranks as well as the only Full Systema Teaching certification in Greater Orlando. David also holds the rank of Sifu in Tai Chi and Instructor in The Approach.  David has a knack for bringing fun and enjoyment into an art that can be physical and challenging.

Each class is unique, and training is exciting, challenging and offers special skills to those willing to listen and apply.

Variety mixed with challenge and fun. You don’t often find that blend in martial arts schools.

  • Do you have any openings?

Our doors are always open to new people, regardless of age, prior experience or any other factor(s) you can name. If you want to be here and be a part of something special, we always have an opening.

  • How long does it take to get to black belt?

Systema does not have black belts, stripes, kyu ranks, dan ranks or anything else.

It is not about the rank. It is about the art, the training and the people.

  • Do you require sparring?

We do not do sparring. Systema is a practical art, not a sport.

In fact, we do not have any requirements such as stances. katas or techniques.

If you are unable or uncomfortable performing a given exercises or a specific aspect of training, there is no pressure at all to do so. There is enough pressure in life. We are here to take some away, not add to it.

  • How do I get started? 

Come to a class. Watch or participate. Once you get a feel for what it is like, you will undoubtedly become one of our members.

Our Systema classes are on Monday nights at the Jessie Brock Center in Winter Garden. It is easy to get to, with ample parking. Come on in and check out the incredible world of Systema!