Schedule Self-Defense Class

Anyone interested in:

  • Women’s self-defense classes
  • Private lessons
  • Group lessons  at your school or work etc.,

. . . . . please contact me and we can design personalized sessions to fit your schedule and your needs. You do not have to live in fear any longer!

The material I teach is very easy to understand and apply. They are not complex moves that require years to learn. IN FACT, you do not have to be a martial artist to any degree to benefit tremendously from them.

I focus on primarily, prevention. Secondarily, quick, powerful, easy-to-do movement. Nothing memorized as under stress, people do not remember memorized techniques.

People DO remember easy to apply concepts. Typical examples include:

  • Learning to stay in the “back” of the body.
  • Why moving in this direction can be the difference between effective defense and extreme danger
  • Learn the points that heal and the point that harm. (David is an Acupuncture Physician and a master at acupuncture point location and usage.)
  • How to use clothing as a weapon.
  • . . . . and much more.

Be safe! Stay safe!

Take preventive action now and schedule a class or start a group.


Call or Text: 407-810-2171